A Taste of BENCH/

Another milestone has been reached by BENCH/ on its 30th anniversary. The opening of the BENCH/ cafe in the flagship store is part of the vision of Mr. Ben Chan to make people experience what BENCH/ is in every way. As one of the leading Filipino retail brands locally, and it being known globally with its numerous international franchises, their reputation has been mirrored in their cafe. The cafe has been inspired by foreign dishes, but focuses on Filipino cuisines and gives Filipino twists to foreign dishes. To make Mr. Chan’s vision a reality, BENCH/ Cafe has partnered with FooDee Global Concepts to operate the restaurant. In order to get further insights on the restaurant, we spoke to Mr. Eric Thomas Dee the COO of FooDee Global Concepts.

“What makes BENCH/ Cafe different from other Filipino restaurants is that it was made for the BENCH/ consumers in mind. The restaurant focuses on affordable luxury, in this case a glamorized turo-turo where customers get personal sets in a beautiful setting from trays to plates.”

“Taking cues from our Japanese neighbours, a play on the Japanese bento brought about the BENCH/To. It is our glamorized take on the turo-turo with the familiar 2 viands with rice combination that you can upgrade with a soup or get an upgrade in the rice.”






“My personal favorite dish is the Bonggalmusal, because who can resist all the breakfast staples in one plate.

Personally I’m not a fan of desserts. However, in the BENCH/ Cafe, the halo-halos are not to be missed. We serve three kinds of halo-halo: Ube, White, and Classing. We took halo-halo to the next level.”





“Our most unique dish is the Tinapa cones. It’s the crowd favourite. It is our play on the tinapa roll, but instead we make our own fried lumpia cones, and fill it with a mousse of tinapa topped with Pinoy salsa.”






“Our Toyo Mansi Chicken is an homage to my grandmothers famous garlic chicken, which we have a version of in most of our other restaurants under FOODEE Global Concepts. This version is a filipino take on my grandma’s recipe.”





“The Utak Aioli in our sisig is also something we are proud of. Little do some know that sisig is meant to have pig brains mixed in to it to give it a creamy, and unctuous texture. Most sisig these days replicate this by just using mayonnaise.”





“Halo-halo trucks, and BENCH/ cafe throughout the metro.”

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