An afternoon in BENCH/ x Roldan with model and actor Niko del Rosario

L: BENCH/ x Roldan briefs, P249.75; and socks, P119

Photos by Joseph Pascual
Art direction and styling by Raymond Ang
Assisted by Neal Corpus
Grooming by Slo Lopez
Modeled by Niko del Rosario


His pineapples bring all the girls (and boys) to the yard.

Everybody thinks being a model is easy: strike a few poses for the camera, perfect your blue steel gaze, learn how to shimmy down the runway the right way, so on and so forth. But it’s the work that goes behind all that that matters: having the discipline to stick to a diet, going to the gym regularly, eating right to get good skin — I mean, your body is your main source of income, right? So often, however, can models get boxed in to doing only that, which is why it’s always inspiring to see models who cross over into other things and do well. For the Holiday 2017/18 season, BENCH/ collaborated with international made model Paolo Roldan on a line of underwear and socks to showcase the model’s design talents. And here at B/Blog, we of course wanted to show off the collection with another model branching out: Niko del Rosario. We had a quick chat with the budding actor on a Saturday afternoon in between camera clicks with fruits and tropical banigs to see what he’s been up to.

BENCH/ x Roldan briefs, P249.75; Denim jacket, P1199.75

Hey Niko! What’s keeping you busy these days?

Star Magic workshops, modeling, and sports at the same time. I play football, futsal. Gym; I have to keep fit for my industry [Laughs].

What do you like to do when you’re not busy?

I like spending time with the family, spending time with my girlfriend, try to go out of town whenever I have free time. I also like playing sports, hanging out with friends.

What’s your favorite place to escape to?

I like both mountains and beaches, so the closest would be Punta Fuego, Tali, or La Union. I like going to surf. And Baguio.

What’s a typical day like for you?

A typical day…

L: Floral pussy bow top, P699.75; Jeans, P899.75; BENCH/ x Roldan socks, P119; R: BENCH/ x Roldan briefs, P249.75; and socks, P119; Tank top, P179.75; Navy robe by Ziggy Savella

Or is there no typical day for you?

It’s different every day [Laughs]. It’s kinda… I’d say it depends on my schedule, because in this industry, it’s kinda erratic.

Depends what you’re working on.

Yeah. If I don’t have work, I’ll wake up, grab some breakfast, go to the gym, do some errands. If I have enough days off, I’ll go out of town.

As a model and an actor, what kind of projects excite you?

Actually, since I’m new to the acting industry, I get pretty excited with each acting gig. Modeling, I’ve been in it quite a while, so it’s kind of the same thing, different day for me, but I do enjoy it at the same time. I love meeting and working with new people, especially [being exposed to] new styles of photography, make-up, and production. It goes the same for acting.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?

Whew [Laughs]. Maybe to… I haven’t really thought about it deeply, but as usual, to be more successful this year, have a healthier lifestyle, be more family-oriented, the general stuff.

L: Varsity jacket, P1399.75; White tanga brief, P129.75; Gray joggers; R: White briefs, P229.75

Where do you wanna be this time next year?

I’d like to be making more movies, more teleseryes, endorsing brands, and be more successful in my career as a whole.

What’s your current favorite from BENCH/?

Actually, there are a lot of nice products that are coming out from BENCH/. I like the new bomber jackets that have been released. I’ve always like the underwear too. The underwear’s always been a classic. Probably half my closet is BENCH/ underwear [Laughs].

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I love food. I’m a foodie, so any new restaurant that comes out, I’m probably one of the first to go.

L: BENCH/ x Roldan briefs, P249.75; and socks, P119; Tank top, P179.75; Navy robe by Ziggy Savella; R: BENCH/ x Roldan briefs, P249.75; Velvet bomber jacket, P1499.75

BENCH/ x Roldan briefs, P249.75

What’s your favorite comfort food?

I love burgers. Pizza. All the unhealthy stuff; pasta, steak would be the best one.

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