The Aquarium

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(L-R) On Jana: Sweater by HerBench I On Tiago: Shirt & sweater by BENCH
Photography by Shaira Luna
Makeup by Anacleta Paredes
Styled by Carla Villanueva
Models: Jana Stuntz (CalCarrie’s) & Tiago Pinheiro (Elite)
Shot on location at the Manila Oceanarium

With all the rain we’ve been experiencing lately, we may as well be living underwater. At least our dreary cityscape can be traded for a view more remarkable, as can be seen at the Manila Ocean Park. An escape from flooded streets, the Oceanarium’s clear tubes and tanks reveal manta rays gliding gracefully above schools of jewelfish and nurse sharks cutting through water like missiles.

Inspired by rainy season blues and the Oceanarium’s wet world of wonder, B/BLOG goes deep into slickly layered clothes and moody shades of midnight, from navy on shirt dresses to cobalt-soaked knits.

Reflecting a life aquatic both romantic and intense, international model Tiago Pinheiro is a dapper young Poseidon visiting land and Jana Stuntz is a lovely mortal seduced.

Expect an affair that goes 20,000 leagues deep.

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On Jana: Shirt, knit top, and skirt by Herbench. Shoes by Human I On Tiago: T-shirt, button-down, and pants by BENCH. Shoes by ALDO

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On Tiago: Jacket, shirt, and pants by BENCH I On Jana: Shirt, knit top, and skirt by HerBench. Earrings by Aldo Accessories

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On Jana: Jacket by BENCH. Shirt, knit top, and skirt by HerBench I On Tiago: Jacket, shirt, and pants by BENCH. Shoes by ALDO

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Sweater & shirt by BENCH

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Top, skirt, and beanie by HerBench

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Bomber Varsity Jacket  I  Colorblocked Black and White Shirt  I  Pocket Patch Short Sleeves  I  Cryptic Long Sleeve  I  Colored Chinos  I  Plain Mini Skirt  I  Button-up Dress 

BENCH MEETS Filmmaker Bianca Catbagan