ART TO HEART: Lee Min Ho by Mega Fashion Crew’s Nicky Roa

After finding out about Lee Min Ho’s return in March, we got a little impatient and inspired.

B/BLOG discovered designer and fashion illustrator Nicky Roa on ETC’s reality competition Mega Fashion Crew and asked the young talent to draw our dreams into reality.

After styling clothes from BENCH’s “Live Life with Flavor” collection into two summer looks (Floral and Nautical), Nicky sketched Lee Min Ho paired with two lovely Benchsetters: Kim Chiu and Julia Barretto.

The result is art to heart! Enough to get us through the next weeks before BENCH brings LMH back to our shores.


On Lee Min Ho: Jacket, cardigan, striped shirt, & colored chinos by BENCH/. On Kim Chiu: Collared shirt, striped pullover, belt, & pants by HerBench. (Art in watercolor & colored pencils by Nicky Roa)


On Julia Barretto: Floral top & pants by HerBench. Necklace by Aldo Accessories I On Lee Min Ho: Jacket, long-sleeve shirt, & chinos by BENCH/.  (Art in watercolor & colored pencils by Nicky Roa)


Photo by Ryann Reyes

Photo by Ryann Reyes

About the artist: A finalist on ETC’s Mega Fashion Crew Season 3, Nicky Roa exhibited loads of styling savvy and design ingenuity. The 21 year-old cleverly met the show’s challenges, at one point refashioning a plain t-shirt into a fringed top that judge Allison Harvard exclaimed she would buy on the spot. It was a proud moment for a Cebu native who arrived in Manila looking to sharpen his design skills through a scholarship at SoFA (School of Fashion & Arts).

“I came to Manila when I was 17 and lived here alone,” says Nicky, who was a finalist in the Cebu Young Designer’s Competition before relocating. Soon, he’ll be leaving to live out his dreams once more, as the protégé of Dubai-based designer Furne One. Informing his design is a flair for fashion illustration: “As a little boy, other kids played outside and got sweaty while I stayed at home drawing. Through my great grandmother and my mom, who used to model, I was exposed to fashion,” says Nicky. “Fashion illustration merged my love for fashion and art together.”

Watch Nicky on Mega Fashion Crew’s replay on Saturday, 10 a.m. on ETC, and on the show’s finale on Monday, 7 p.m. 



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