ASSEMBLY: Gym Buddies

Gym - Men 2

1. Duffel bag by BENCH 2. Tank by BENCH 3. BENCH Power Active EDT 4. Alcogel Hand Sanitizer Spray 5. Towel by BENCH

Summer may be winding down but that doesn’t mean you should just let yourself go. A healthy body leads to a happy mind, and a happy mind motivates you through the rest of the year. To help keep your body fit and formidable, B/BLOG assembled some essential workout companions. From sweat-sopping BENCH towels to body spray you can keep in your locker, these “gym buddies” should boost any boring exercise session.

Gym - Women

1. Knapsack by BENCH 2. Facial Wipes 3. Towel by BENCH 4. Alcogel Hand Sanitizer Spray 5. HerBench Power EDT



 Knapsack  I  Alcogel Aromatherapy Sanitizer  I  HerBench Power Active EDT  I  BENCH Power Active EDT  I  Racer Back Undertank 

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