B/Biyahe: Postcard from Bataan

  As summer winds down, BENCH BLOG emphasizes a rediscovery of domestic destinations before we settle indoors. To wrap up this travel-hardy season, new nomad JM Sabariaga (@jm.sabriaga) sends us #LoveLocal all the way from Bataan.  Story behind the snap:  “I like going to unfamiliar places that have breathtaking sceneries and inspire tranquility. Since its proximity […]

B/BIYAHE: Hostel Hopping in Manila

  BENCH BLOG hops across hostels in Manila and asks a couple of travelers what they’re loving local.   MNL Hostel  Hi Ashleigh and Rebecca! What brought you to the Philippines?  Ashleigh: We’ve been backpacking for five months already and some of the friends we’ve met while traveling have been here. They said the beaches […]

B/BIYAHE: Postcard from Punta Fuego

Through the summer, BENCH BLOG emphasizes a rediscovery of domestic destinations. Through this travel-hardy season, we field postcards from our favorite nomads: travelers who inspire wanderlust through their itinerant Instagram feeds. This week, new nomad Rachel Halili (@rachelhalili) sends us #LoveLocal all the way from Punta Fuego in Batangas.  Story behind the snap: “My dad’s friend was […]

The Cool Kids of Summer – Electoral Edition

While corruption in our country remains stubbornly in place, the electoral campaign has most certainly changed. News travels faster; tweets are more visible than tarps; and the stage podium has been replaced by the social media platform. Whether asserting one’s agenda or deploying propaganda, the Internet has become a political battlefield. And because the mob […]

Hot Days, Warm Feelings

  It takes a trip, psychedelic or other, to get closer to the company you keep. Inspired by the warm friendships a hot summer can foster, B/BLOG set out with three kids running toward the freedom of their youth and chasing memories along the way. Listen to a “Warm Feelings” summer playlist on BENCH/BEATS here. […]

Bench Lookbook: “Let’s Make a Fire”

  There will be that one person who’ll lead you to a fork in the road, or take you on a path you never knew existed. In the dead of summer and in the heat of the moment, you found each other. Now, all you can think about is getting lost together. In BENCH BLOG’s […]

#BenchBodyLanguage: Century Tuna Superbods Finalists Ameen & Tanya

There’s only so much you can tell a person to inspire fitness. Oftentimes, a body of evidence is necessary: slits across hips, toned arms, a tight stomach. For the past 10 years, Century Tuna Superbods has sent out a parade of those bodies—the sort you desire, but more so that spur a desire to get […]


It takes a trip, psychedelic or other, to get closer to the company you keep. Sights are shared, thrills go ’round, and the drive is a breeze (someone else is manning the playlist, at least). Inspired by the warm friendships a hot summer can foster, B/BLOG assembled this season’s soundtrack on our official Spotify station, […]

B/Biyahe: Teraoka, a Family-Run Farm in Pangasinan

Raffy Teraoka Dacones was living what many millennials would consider a dream: pinballing around Tokyo as an interior designer. Amid furnishing the homes of strangers, however, the twentysomething yearned for another sense of home. Last year, he returned to his mom Annabelle’s homeland and with his parents, three brothers, and three sisters, helps run the […]