Your exclusive backstage pass to #BenchUnderTheStars

We’ve got your favorite stars right before their big moment. Few things compare to being in the MOA Arena and watching #BenchUnderTheStars live, but even fewer things compare to being backstage before the show. The energy is palpable: everyone is getting their last-minute preparations in, from your seasoned veterans to your newly-minted BENCH/ Bodies. We […]

The hottest show on earth: The BENCH/ Fashion Show through the years

Before the big show on Saturday, we take a look back at some of the underwear and denim show’s most iconic moments. The BENCH/ underwear and denim show has been a pop culture phenomenon since the beginning of the new millennium. Nothing gets an arena filled to the brim screaming on the top of their […]

Mark Striegl tells us his secret to getting that BENCH/ Body

Mark “Mugen” Striegl is a beast. He’s one of BENCH/ Body’s newest ambassadors, and with that insane body, you wouldn’t think twice about why he got the job. I mean, just look at him go. On normal days, the MMA fighter averages four to six hours in the gym, doing cardio, conditioning with weights, sparring, […]

The A-Z of BENCH/ Body

Now you know your ABCs. What is sexy? It sounds like a pretty simple question, but really, it’s made up of many different layers. What’s sexy for me may be different for you; what gets you excited may not be the same as the person next to you. Maybe it’s washboard abs or a dominating […]