BENCH Meets: Raxenne Maniquiz

Illustrator and unapologetic maximalist Rax Maniquiz talks about her illustrations for Charles & Keith’s new campaign and how she juggles her creative responsibilities. Working a day job has proved to be no problem for Raxenne Maniquiz, graphic designer, illustrator, and side gig goddess. On top of her nine-to-five at Plus63 Design Co., where she currently […]

The 1987

In celebration of Bench’s 30th anniversary, BENCHMARK talks to nine mavericks born in the year 1987 — creatives and entrepreneurs — to ask: what was it like to grow up with Bench? How do you show your love for local? I love shopping local markets, I love buying quesong puti that comes wrapped in banana […]


A refreshing view of both sides of the story. Let’s see your best angle. Whether it’s a smirk ten degrees to the left or a straight-on smolder, we’ve all got a side of ourselves we like to show the world. It’s a look we’ve all mastered – shoulders arranged just so, chin tucked under. It’s […]

Body of Work

World-renowned as “The World’s Hottest Math Teacher,” Pietro Boselli was catapulted to global fame in 2015, when photos students took of him teaching in the classroom went viral on Facebook. Since then, he’s become a celebrity in his own right, gracing the pages of magazines like GQ and People, while enjoying a 1.7 million following […]


Kathryn Bernardo is taking forever. That’s what her crew seems to think, as they wait for Kathryn inside her makeshift dressing room, an airconditioned tent with two dressing tables and several lounging chairs. The young actress is shooting a few episodes of long-running fantasy series Wansapanatym at a sixties-era double story home, and her scene […]

1987: A year in review

U2’s “With or Without You” coexisted with Heart’s “Alone” on the airwaves, and before it became a bait-and-switch favorite, “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley was just another song to bop along to at your favorite local dance club. Saturday Night Live lampooned everyone from Imelda Marcos to fallen televangelist and wannabe casanova […]