Accidental Match

It happens unexpectedly. Those rare, surprising moments that make everything seem like the perfect fit. There’s no one-stop formula to looking good, and when it comes to fashion, sometimes you just have to go a little crazy and find those accidental matches to make it work.                   […]

Heart Street

It’s in the little moments— those times spent to express how you truly feel for another. See the many faces (and phases) of love in this Bench Blog, and stroll down memory lane along with it. Happy Valentine’s Day!                  

#BeAwesomeToSomebody: Mark Bustos For Bench Barbers, A December Look Back

As we are nearing the end of this month (and the end of this year— 2017, here we come!), we’d like to look back on one of the amazing things that happened this December—the birth of Bench Barbers, and partnering with the amazing Mark Bustos. Last December 10, 2016, Bench introduced its newest venture, Bench Barbers, […]