B/Biyahe: Postcard from Bataan



As summer winds down, BENCH BLOG emphasizes a rediscovery of domestic destinations before we settle indoors. To wrap up this travel-hardy season, new nomad JM Sabariaga (@jm.sabriaga) sends us #LoveLocal all the way from Bataan. 

Story behind the snap: 

“I like going to unfamiliar places that have breathtaking sceneries and inspire tranquility. Since its proximity is just within our region, I asked my friend to join me on a photo adventure to Bataan.”


Local thing to love about this destination: 
“The pebble beach which you can swim in for free, plus there’s a cottage area where you can take a rest, grab a bite at, or sing your favorite KTV song. Also, the sunset and lighthouse that makes the scene picture-perfect.
There is also a mountain and grotto which you can take a hike up for just 10 to 15 minutes; everything an adventurer and a photo enthusiast would ask for!  I had a great time taking photos, enjoying the view, and appreciating the beauty of my own country.”
Travel tip:
“Spend the night at Sisiman and rise early to catch the sunrise and head to Mt. San Miguel for an early hike. You won’t regret it.”
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