B/Biyahe: Postcard from Hulugan Falls


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At the start of 2016, BENCH BLOG emphasizes a rediscovery of domestic destinations as a grand resolution. Through the month, we field postcards from our favorite new nomads: travelers who inspire wanderlust through their itinerant Instagram feeds. This week, new nomad Jaybee Sambat (@jaybeesambat) sends us #LoveLocal all the way from the Hulugan Falls in Laguna. 


Story behind the snap: “I got wounded as I trekked towards the falls because I slipped on the rocks. Witnessing such a breathtaking view, I didn’t feel wounded at all. It replaced the pain with a smile on my face.” 


Local thing to love about this destination: “Hulugan Falls is one of the most beautiful falls in the Philippines. There are two mini falls near Hulugan: Tanay and Hidden Falls. A must-do in this place is to wait for the rainbow to appear and enjoy taking photos when the right time comes, just like love. Like waiting for the right person to give true love.

There is also a camping site above the falls so you can stay overnight with your family or friends and bring packed food to eat outdoors. You can also take a bath in the designated areas identified by the tour guide.”


Travel tip: “You may want to use sandals or slippers while trekking because you will pass a stream on your way to the falls. Always bring extra clothes because you will definitely get wet from the splash of water coming from the falls. And lastly, prepare not to fall. There’s no guarantee someone’s going to catch you if you do.” 


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