B/Biyahe: Taytay Falls with Kimi Juan & Thomas Caja


Photography by Kimi Juan & Thomas Caja


As we’ve seen in classics like Bonnie & Clyde and A Life Less Ordinary, love is more exciting when it’s on the run. Even sweeter: when both people can take some great photos along the way. Putting the romance in wanderlust are Thomas Caja and Kimi Juan, who have racked up quite the Instagram following from their sensual and dreamy travel photography.

For a year now, Thomas and Kimi have made it a point to hit the road and explore a new destination each week. From hiking Mt. Pinatubo to surfing San Juan, love has been the best filter to capture each sky, shore, and landscape—much more when either of them is in the foreground.

For the second installment of B/Biyahe, B/BLOG goes further into Laguna toward Majayjay, where the couple kept each other warm by the ice-cold waters of Taytay Falls.



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