#BeBetter: A B/Blog Reminder to Be Better Citizens

Photography by Jack Alindahao
Styling by MJ Benitez
Makeup by Omar Ermita
Models: Lauren Tamayo & Hye Won Jang (IM Agency), Jay Jackson (Elite Manila)

With great love for what is local comes great responsibility. You can’t say you care about a place if you don’t show it—even in the little things. As a friendly (and maybe a little sassy) reminder not to be an asshole to your fellow Filipino, B/BLOG created #BeBetter, a series that encourages us to be better citizens.

To kick the micro-campaign and hashtag off: three ways we citizens can show not just street smarts but street heart. Because whether you’re getting in an elevator or getting out of a cab, courtesy is always fashionable.



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  • Brian Cabochan Balagot

    Nice! Can you make t-shirts? Will you include the “if you intend to stand on an escalator, stay on the right side”?