BENCH BEATS – Luigi D’Avola


All clothes by BENCH  
Photography by Kimi Juan
Grooming by Byron Velasquez of MAC
Shot on location at the Privato Hotel

Pursuing music was inevitable for Luigi D’Avola. Having an older brother who fronts one of the country’s biggest rock bands sure helped. But beyond capitalizing on his storied origins, Luigi has found his own place in the local music scene: a hyphenate of MYX VJ and recording artist.

As a singer-songwriter, Luigi has gained a considerable following for his brand of gumdrop pop music. According to Luigi, his first single “Take a Chance” reflects this pretty well, and speaks of living a life beyond limits. And it isn’t only the casual listener who has been charmed by the earnestness in Luigi’s music. Champ Lui Pio — the former Hale vocalist who has become a well-respected producer in his own right — has taken Luigi under his wing.


But while he’s only too happy to sit with a guitar and record music, Luigi still considers his VJ work as his well-loved day job. “it’s definitely not ‘rockstar’,” Luigi says, “[but] it’s very fun and it’s what I love to do. I just want to live in the present.”

In between his grueling taping schedule, the half-Italian music man checks in with B/Blog at the Privato Hotel to share the first playlist under our music section, BENCH BEATS. Use that as a soundtrack as Luigi tells you about the mafia, Maroon 5, and Monte Carlo below.

Hi Luigi. Tell us: what’s a typical day for you?

I usually do Daily Top Ten for Mondays, so we shoot on Sundays. That’s the regular days I shoot.  I usually host Daily Top Ten, Where You At?—it’s like this show where we get to travel around the Philippines. We get to try food then give our reviews about it.

What kind of music did you grow up with?

I grew up listening to Maroon 5, The Beatles…

You ‘grew up’ listening to Maroon 5? How old are you?

(Laughs) I knew that question was coming up! I’m 19. But yeah. I listened to a lot of music, just a melting pot of everything.

What kind of music do you gravitate to towards now?

Ed Sheeran, you know him? Just real chill… There’s also Kodaline—they’re like a younger Coldplay. I like music like that, not so noisy to the ears. But sometimes, party music is fun.

I heard that your brother is Gabby [Alipe] from Urbandub. Did he have any influence in the music you were listening to?

He did. He was very supportive of us being into music, but he told us to find our own thing. Just because [he’s] rock, doesn’t mean we have to be rock. So that’s what it’s like in our house. We love music but we love music in different ways. It’s funny ’cause I was a fan of Urbandub even before I got adopted into their family.

When did your adoption take place?

That was seven years ago. Four of my half-Italian siblings and I got adopted into their family, and they have four siblings, as well. So now we’re like, eight. It’s like Cheaper by the Dozen.

Where’s your family from back in Italy?

My dad? He’s from Sicily. That’s where the mafia was born.

That’s so cool. You’re probably like, from the mafia.

Yeah! And my granddad was the mayor of our town. I should go to Italy like Lizzie McGuire or Selena Gomez in Monte Carlo.


Is it true that musicians get the girl?

Not always, but I can tell that girls gravitate more towards musicians because… I don’t know why. You’re the girl! Why?

I don’t know. Maybe cause they’re soulful and have all those feelings.

I guess. Music keeps me alive, you know? I write songs about everything. Everything I go through or see, ’cause not everything has to be based on my experiences. But sometimes if it’s from my experiences, it’s about girls, friendship…

When you like a song, do you keep listening to it or do you like changing it up?

I listen to a song repeatedly. I’ve been listen to this one song for three days straight. And then you stop listening for a bit, but you listen to it again, and the feelings come back.

Do you like singing in the shower?

Yeah! I like singing happy songs. I don’t like singing sad songs in the shower. It’s like, you’re naked with all the water… don’t be sad! You should be like, “Don’t stop believing!”


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  • Finally, I’ve figured out how you are brothers! Nice playlist! Luigi…you da best! my playlist contains all your songs… 🙂 The last picture though…*feels….and you’re from the mafia, that’s why you’re “astig!” haha! <3 ti amo mio dolce sogno!

  • Jadey Paule

    You have good taste in music. I love these songs especially Kodaline’s All I Want. I can listen to this forever. x)