BENCH Denim for a Summer on the Move


It’ll be a summer on the move for B/BLOG. This season, the sun will be beating down hard so we can’t keep still. We’re hitting the road, seeing the sights, and living life with absolute flavor. The best companion for a summer of hot wanderlust is a pair of bright, stretchy, and versatile BENCH jeans.

Lee Min Ho and our Benchsetters, captured by renowned photographer Romain Rivierre, demonstrate how well those jeans can move, so that whether you find yourself on a road trip or at a rooftop party, you’ve got the bottoms to stay on top of things.

Live Life with Flavor, Benchsetters!

KimBenchDenim2014PhotoRomainRivierre05 copy EnchongBenchDenim2014PhotoRomainRivierre51 copy SolennBenchDenim2014PhotoRomainRivierre21 copy TomBenchDenim2014PhotoRomainRivierre29-Recovered copy GeorgeBenchDenim2014PhotoRomainRivierre10 copy BillyBenchDenim2014PhotoRomainRivierre38 copy CatBenchDenim2014PhotoRomainRivierre30 copy RayverBenchDenim2014PhotoRomainRivierre53 copy BelleBenchDenim2014PhotoRomainRivierre15 copy DongBenchDenim2014PhotoRomainRivierre45 copy ValBenchDenim2014PhotoRomainRivierre34 copy PioloBenchDenim2014PhotoRomainRivierre49 copy BenchDenim2014PhotoRomainRivierre07 copy

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