BENCH MEETS Addie Manzano


Photography by Jerick Sanchez
Styling by Lorenz Namalata
Makeup by Gery Penaso
Hair by Mong Amado
Produced by Ina Jacobe

Sometimes, being a spectator can be as intense as the game at play. The rush of action and the roar of a crowd can be absolutely intoxicating. Benchsetter Addie Manzano is familiar with this feeling. As a UAAP courtside reporter and host for ANC show Upfront, Addie stands between the excitement of competition and the enthusiasm of an audience.

The Bench Skin Whitening beauty is a cause for excitement herself, reporting on every dribble and defense with verve and an irresistible smile. And for spectators on her social media accounts, Addie’s romance with Ateneo campus heartthrob Anthony Sunico can most certainly boost love team spirit. With Anthony at her side, Addie took a time out with BENCH to talk about the thrill of the unpredictable, the importance of phone games, and rooting for a different teamthe four-pawed kind.


Denim playsuit by Cotton On

Hey, Addie! How have you been handling all the traffic these days?

It takes a lot of patience. Especially because I have to go to school and work back and forth, plus other errands. But I really think phone games really help. [Laughs]

It must be tough as you’re so busy now, with your work with UAAP for one. Have you always been into sports?

Not so tough because I really have so much fun doing what I do. Yes, in the sense that I always enjoyed watching games because my family is really into into sports, as well, so we watch games together.


On Addie: Top by Kashieca, joggers by Human | On Anthony: Joggers by BENCH

What about sports appeals to you so much?

The intensity and excitement of watching, especially with the unpredictability of each game!

What’s keeping you busy in school right now?

Not much, really, because I’m done with my majors. Now I’m just taking core classes. So I guess it would just be balancing schedules between work and school.


I saw that you’re a dog person! What’s your dog like?

Yes, I am! My dog is a black toy poodle.

Would you ever consider doing any work with animals? A dog talk show, perhaps?

I wish! If only that were possible. That would be so much fun.



On Addie: Top by Kashieca, shorts by Cotton On | On Anthony: Sweater by Cotton On, Jeans by Bench

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