BENCH MEETS Christian & Chelsea of ABS-CBN’s “I Do”


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No matter the storm, good love is bound to weather anything. For model mates Chelsea Robato and Christian Busby, relationship realness came in the form of a reality show. On ABS-CBN’s I Do, hosted by Judy Ann Santos, nine couples are secluded in middle-of-nowhere Cavite, where they undertake various challenges that test their bond. The winner gets a million pesos, a house and lot, and a big wedding.

While many 20-somethings like Christian and Chelsea see marriage as less a prize and more a phobia, the couple seems ready for better, for worse, and for wet. Of course, what better way to express something as beautiful and uncomfortable as marriage than kissing in the rain?

B/BLOG shot the couple getting drenched in each other’s love, then asked them about some new storms in their lives together: namely, showbiz and newfound fame.

Catch I Do on ABS-CBN: Saturdays at 9 p.m., with reruns on Sundays at 8:45 p.m.


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When did you start taping for the show? 

Chelsea: February, March.

How did you guys get the gig?

Christian: I did a guesting on Gandang Gabi, Vice and the director approached me after the show. He said, “Do you have a partner?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Do you want to do the show?” I said, “Why not?” It happened really fast.

Chelsea: We had to audition first.

What did you guys have to do at the audition?

Christian: They had to believe that we’re really in love.

Chelsea: We had to talk about our relationship—what’s different about us.

And what was your selling point?

Christian: I guess ‘cause we had been together three months and already saw each other as long-term. They found that interesting. After three months, we were ready to take it to the next level.

What’s the story behind how you met anyway?

Chelsea: We met at a commercial and he kind of stalked me on Facebook (laughs).

Christian: She’s a really good cook and she kept posting stuff on Facebook. I was thinking, how can I talk to her? I’m just gonna compliment her on her food. And then it progressed from there.

But you didn’t really know shit about food (laughs). 

Christian: No (laughs). I was more interested in her, to be honest.

Chelsea: He eats tuna! Canned tuna.

You guys had been dating three months and you were ready to put yourselves out there on something as dirty as a reality show. That’s major.

Chelsea: We just thought, why not? It’s a new experience. Might be something new for our relationship.


Well your Instagram shows a pretty sweet life. You guys are constantly traveling together, right?

Christian: We went to LaBoracay. El Nido…

Chelsea: For my birthday gift, he got me a trip to El Nido ‘cause he wasn’t here.

Christian: She thinks I’m Mr. Unromantic, actually, but I try.

Chelsea: He told me his initial plan for my birthday was to get me movie tickets and tofu chips. And he wasn’t gonna be here on my birthday.

Christian: She sounded really pissed off and I was like, “Shit, I’m gonna have to do something quick.” She sounded like she was about to cry: “That’s my birthday, Christian, and you’re not even here! Movie tickets and tofu chips!”

Can you talk about some highlights on the show so far?

Chelsea: Oh, you’re going to definitely see the mobile episodes about Christian and his Merry Christmas dancing.

Christian: We were playing Truth or Dare…

Chelsea: He’s very competitive but he loses a lot.

Christian: So they dared me to do a striptease in front of the camera. So I kind of start singing, “Merry Christmas…”

Chelsea: Of all songs he chooses, it’s “Merry Christmas.”

Christian: And it’s February (laughs).

Well, jingle bells! What are you guys looking forward to now?

Christian: We want to do a trip to Japan, save more money. ‘Cause at the moment, we’re gonna be moving into a condo at the Gramercy.


Chelsea: Kind of. My mom will kill me.

Christian: Sorry, Tita Nancy.

That’s really cute.

Christian: And cheap, splitting the bills and all.

Chelsea: Yeah, I need to talk to my mom about that first.


Okay, well I’m thinking since you both are models who are always around beautiful people, is there jealousy when either of you are doing shoots?

Chelsea: I get uncomfortable but…he doesn’t care (laughs).

Christian: I seem to get a lot of couple’s shoots and the photos come out and she’s never gonna like it. She tells me, “I don’t want to see that, Christian.”

Chelsea: You don’t want to see your boyfriend holding hands with another girl. If I know the girl then it’s totally fine but if I don’t know the girl, I get uncomfortable.

Christian: It’s good that we’re from the same industry ‘cause we both understand that it’s just a job. If it were someone from another industry, I could see it being a lot worse, trust me. We understand but it’s still annoying.

And do both of you want to be in showbiz?

Chelsea: We’ll just see where it goes.

Christian: It’s been amazing. I’ve been here 10 months now…

Chelsea: 11.

Christian: (Laughs) 11 months now and it’s been amazing. So if the opportunity comes, I’m just gonna take it.

Christian, you’s from the UK and Chelsea, you told me about wanting to go to New York. Do you think you’re gonna move somewhere else together?

Chelsea: We already discussed it and that if we decide on moving somewhere, we’re gonna go together.



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