BENCH MEETS Fitness & Fashion Blogger Lissa Kahayon


Jacket, bra, & boyshorts by HerBench
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Manila may be sweating through countless workout crazes right now, but if anyone’s striving to make fitness fashionable, it’s Lissa Kahayon. While some style bloggers would count running in heels as exercise, the 24-year-old has gone a step further. Make that many steps further. In February, she finished her first marathon. And beyond taking the workout outfit to the next level via her blog (think eye-catching sports bras and backless bodysuits), the girl actually sweats that sportswear out: at least three days of her week are devoted to strength and conditioning at Elorde, all of which she shares via video on Instagram.

Wearing HerBench casuals and activewear together for B/BLOG, the fitness n’ fashion blogger pumps conversational iron and talks perspiration, fitspirations, and going the extra mile by putting up her own gym.

You’ve made a niche out of fitness-fashion blogging. What else have you got up your sleeve?

Working out is really one of my passions so it would be cool to do something related. Hopefully this year, I’m planning to invest in a gym. I’m thinking to partner with some friends and franchise Elorde.

Have you always been a gym rat?

I’ve been working out for a long time but it wasn’t until 2012 that I dedicated so much time and effort into it. I got so inspired when Nike asked me to collaborate with them for a 10k run. When I asked them paano nila ako napili, sabi nila, ‘We see that you tweet a lot about working out.’ They thought I’d be interested in a fitness-related project. After that, tuloy-tuloy na ako.

Since then, have your fitness goals intensified?

Yes, definitely. Before it was kind of superficial na I want abs lang. Ngayon, I want to be stronger and it’s a whole-year thing. Hindi lang pang-summer na dun lang ako magpe-prepare.

Did the greater focus on sportswear affect your blog’s readership?

Before, mix siya always: fashion, lifestyle, travel, pero nung dumating yung Nike gig, I slowly started incorporating fitness-related goals. My readers kept requesting for more, so sabi ko maybe I should do a shift. This year, I’m turning 25 so baka magsawa din sila na puro outfit shot. I thought wala pa namang fashion blogger na nag-fi-fitness din so I thought it would be cool that I’d be one of the first.

Is it challenging to make sportswear look fashionable?


Top & jeans by HerBenc

Definitely no. If you notice my Instagram workout videos, inaasar ako ng iba kong mga readers: ‘Ah, sheer kung sheer kung mag-workout.’ ‘Cause sometimes I use my outerwear pang-gym. Diba yung iba sportswear as outerwear? Ako, outerwear ko pinapang-gym ko. I don’t really wear sleeveless tops sa gym so I prefer mga long sleeves. So yung mga longsleeves ko na sheer or backless, pinapang-gym ko. At least nakikita yung neon sports bra ko sa likod! ‘Saka mas-comfy for me. I wear shorts naman, not leggings or jogging pants. And I got so obsessed with collecting sneakers. I noticed lately, my followers look forward to that. I never really thought I’d wear sneakers. I still love my heels but I guess mas-naging laidback or casual yung style ko.

What’s the riskiest thing you’ve worn as workout attire?

Bodysuit na backless pero it’s really meant for the gym. I use it ‘pag-parties, ‘pag-casual day out. Sabi nila, ‘Seryoso ba yan yung pang-gym?’ Yes! At least hindi mainit dahil backless. Presko.

What’s your diet composed of?

It’s gonna sound so boring. Breakfast ko, I need energy, so banana and peanut butter. My lunch: chicken, kamote, fish, usually ganun lang. Dinner is the same. I don’t eat fast food pero weakness ko sweets.

Tell us about your workout regimen.

Before, every day, but now, three to four, or five times a week. At least may two days off. I alternate cardio, butt, abs…I don’t really lift so much kasi medyo insecurity ko yung upper body. I don’t want to be bulky, I just want to be lean. Yung sakto lang talaga.

What are some fitness goals you’re really proud of accomplishing?

I was able to finish my marathon this year nung Feb. First-ever marathon. 42 kilometers. Crazy. I finished seven hours, 50 minutes. Hell yun for me pero after, sabi ko, ‘Nagawa ko yun. 

What did you eat right after?

Super funny kasi matagal na akong ‘di nag-f-fast food. Like years na. So plan ko was to go straight to McDo after my marathon. Since I finished late, hindi ko naabutan yung breakfast. I would have ordered a hash brown and sausage McMuffin with egg. Kinain ko nalang kung ano yung breakfast na ino-offer after the marathon, which was hardboiled eggs! But a few weeks ago, I did a half-marathon and went straight to iHop. Hindi ako nag-pigout but I had pancakes.

And who are your fitspirations now?

Random people I see on Instagram. Celebrity-wise, siguro Candace of Victoria’s Secret but I know it’s going to be so hard to achieve kasi different body types kami.

Any guilty pleasures?

Dark chocolates. Dark talaga kasi kailangan healthy pa rin. Pero bawal hanggang matapos lahat ng beach [outings]. Or maybe one block of chocolate.


Top by HerBench I Underwear by Bench BODY


Colored Low Rise Boyshorts  I   Black and Rainbow Low Rise Bikini Brief

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