Tank by BENCH Body I Jeans by BENCH
Photography by Cholo dela Vega
Grooming by Anton Patdu
Shot on location at The Clipper Hotel

B/BLOG would guess there’s enough of Jeff Langan scattered among countless phones right now. When the California-bred model emerged on Instagram flexing a body as magnificent and golden as the face of a canyon at sunset, imagine how many people screen-capped it and sent it to their friends, and they to their friends. A chest you can beat dough against. Abs you can juice a lemon with. Such Ripley’s Believe It or Not Hotness needed proof.

Our Instagram feeds had only caught on to a body that was already well documented. As a model in the U.S., Jeff had been shot by the legendary Bruce Weber for Abercrombie & Fitch—a way for any Adonis to be immortalized.


Tank by BENCH Body

Still, Jeff considers modeling a necessary evil. By serving himself up as man meat, he’s sated his hunger for travel through jobs across Europe and Asia. Now in Manila to visit family and milk his looks to artista-dom, the 21-year-old lets it all hang loose for B/BLOG. Just a guy kicking back in his tighty-whities, figuring out his next move.

You arrived here three months ago?  

Yeah, mainly just to visit family, model on the side, and get my name out there. Just for exposure.

Tell me about your modeling career in the States.

I did Abercrombie campaigns, I did a lot of fashion shows—gigs in Vegas. I didn’t really take it too seriously until I started traveling abroad. My first contract was in Bangkok for three months. I work a lot better here in the Philippines because I’m half-Filipino so I feel like I have the upper edge.


Towel by BENCH

For Abercrombie, you shot with Bruce Weber. What was it like working with the legend?

Yeah, he was honestly amazing. Just the way he would portray what to think about while you’re shooting, just to give you a better photo. It was almost like meditation. Just don’t think about anything—look around at the scenery, beautiful mountains, beautiful girls, this and that. It just really fell into place.

Is it your first time in the Philippines?

Yeah. I really felt it was open arms here, you know? Everyone really had good vibes all around. As soon as I got off the airplane, everyone just approached me out of their own kindness. Overall, it’s been a blast. I was already kind of prepared of the same lifestyle ‘cause Bangkok is kind of the same in a way.


Towel by BENCH

Did your parents give you a primer on Manila?

My mom said, ‘It’s a little bit more ruthless.’ As opposed to Bangkok. They believe in karma ‘cause of the religion. Here, almost anything goes.

Does that suit your lifestyle? 

In a way, I feel like there has to be balance. You can’t just go all out. You have to balance things—you can’t just party, party, party.

But then you were in Boracay the other week.

Yeah, that was my treat. I haven’t been really going out lately. I really needed to get away from Manila.

And how you got your name out here was unique ‘cause you did it through Instagram. When did you start to notice that people were taking notice? 

As soon as I started going out to Gramercy, clubs like Prive, I just got introduced to a lot of people and they started to ask me, ‘Who’s your agency?’ ‘How can I book you?’ It just spread like wildfire.

That much-talked-about photo of you at the beach on Instagram.  Tell me about that.

That was in Huntington Beach—a casual photo. It was actually funny, it was some guy who was kind of following me around, taking photos. He was like, ‘I see you here all the time.’ I used to surf there a lot. He approached me and said, ‘Oh, you mind if I take a few photos?’ I was just being myself, flexing, you know?


Underwear by BENCH Body I  Jacket (in foreground) by BENCH  I  Necklaces by ALDO Accessories

Have you gone to the surf spots here?

No, I actually haven’t. I wanted to go to Siargao but I never had the chance.

What’s the big picture for you right now? Showbiz?

I know it’s not easy, I know it takes time and patience. I’m willing to put in the effort ‘cause modeling, it gets kind of annoying at times and I’d rather just have direct bookings, so to speak. And endorsements. Rather than just riding around town in a taxi going from casting to casting. I haven’t been modeling for so long. It just makes me realize what I want to do in the long run.


Underwear by BENCH Body I Necklaces by ALDO Accessories

What were you doing in between?

I went to school for two semesters. I took up marketing. It made me realize I wanted to travel a lot more. Modeling opened up the door—I could go to Bangkok, I could go anywhere—Asia, Milan. That’s what I wanted to do. I want to get all the traveling out of the way while I’m still young.

What have been some highlights travel-wise?

I would have to say Bangkok. I had a blast there. I had my own motorbike so I’d drive anywhere. I felt more independent, as opposed to here, you always have to take a taxi, GrabTaxi. Bangkok, it’s nice. The street food. Everything’s really convenient. Here, you have to be careful of the street food. Like I said, it’s more different here as opposed to the culture of Bangkok.


Underwear by BENCH Body I Belt & pants by BENCH I Necklaces by ALDO Accessories

Did you get to see any Patpong shows? Like, the Ping Pong balls and trannies? Don’t, ‘cause you’ll get gipped.

(Laughs) No, but yeah, that’s what I heard. They have a bodyguard come up and say you owe this much money.

What else are you looking forward to this summer?

I plan on going to EDC in Las Vegas. It’s a big music festival. I want to just party a bit more. Relax. ‘Cause it’s been a while since I’ve been back home. I miss my friends and family. I miss my dogs. My pride and joy. But I’m willing to take a break for a while, relax and do a couple things in Vegas, California, then fly back here.


Tank, jacket, and pants by BENCH I Shoes by ALDO


Tank, jacket, and pants by BENCH I Shoes by ALDO



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