Bench Meets Logiclub’s BP Valenzuela & Mito Fabie


Photography by Arabella Paner
Styling by Karen Bolilia
Stylist’s assistant – Steven Coralde
Make up by Arabella Paner
Special thanks to LOGICLUB and FUTURE STUDIO

Music and fashion have never been more hand in hand than they are today—what with musicians collaborating with brands to create clothing and products that promote a certain sound and style. The local musicians from the Logiclub Collective are no strangers to the power of good dressin’, whether it be through lazy loungewear or preppy polos. After collaborating on an original track for the BENCH BLOG, homegrown acts BP Valenzuela, CRWN, Kidthrones, Curtismith, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and John Pope give us the low down on a whole new genre: their personal style.


BP Valenzuela | @bpvalenzuela


Has there ever been an artist that influenced the way you dress?

I think Noel Gallagher (of Oasis) would be that person. Though I play electronic pop, there’s still that side of me that lets her hair down, messy and all. I just really don’t care. Oasis was my first foray into really close-listening albums and into rock music in general. I was influenced by the ’90s rock era.

Do you dress differently while you’re performing versus regular life?

No, this is literally how I dress. I like being comfy, but I do kind of care a lot. I go extra lengths to look like I don’t care, which is kind of ironic. [Laughs] It’s that “I’m so casual but I spent an hour getting ready” kind of thing. 

If you could use a song to describe how you dress, what would it be?

“I Don’t Care” by Icona Pop. [Laughs] I really like that song.


Sunnies by BENCH


Dress by COTTON ON



Mito Fabie | Curtismith | @manigamito

MITO FABIE aka Curtismith 

Do you dress differently when you perform?

I guess I do. It’s still my style, but I like wearing something kind of corporate during gigs. You know, long-sleeved shirts. I treat it like a job, so I wanna look like a professional. But when I’m just in the studio, it’s just tsinelas. [Laughs]

Is there a color you avoid wearing?

Not really a color, more like a pattern. I don’t really wear florals.

What record changed your life, or made you you wanna make music?

That changed my life? I would have to say Man on the Moon by Kid Cudi. I guess it stirred up some feelings in me that made me more inclined to pursue music. I could connect to it so much, in all of his lyrics.




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