BENCH MEETS Luigi Pumaren


Photography by Jerick Sanchez
Styling by Lorenz Namalata
Grooming by Anton Patdu
Produced by Ina Jacobe

Interview by Margarita Buenaventura 

Jocks all over tend to have a bad repdeclare a love for basketball and everyone just sees a closet full of jerseys and a sneaker collection worth a tiny Pacific island. But brand assistant and basketball fan Luigi Pumaren proves that every sports fan’s got a little bit more to offer. Growing up in a sports-minded family (his dad is a former—and legendary—coach for the La Salle Green Archers), Luigi is more than a casual fan, so you can be sure that the b-ball talk can get interesting.

These days, Luigi is pretty busy settling into his new job at a consumer goods company. On a fast break from work, the fresh grad talks to BENCH BLOG about ball, potato chips, and why he might just be the next member of One Direction.


Shirt and pants by BENCH

Hey, Luigi! Having grown up around basketball, how has your love for the sport changed as you got older?

Yeah, I really did grow up with basketball. It’s been around me ever since I was a kid. I don’t think it’s changed at all, I’ve always had this deep passion for basketball and I don’t think I’ll ever lose that.

Was getting into basketball inevitable?

Well, being part of a basketball family like with my dad, titos, and lolo, I always felt that it was inevitable, but it’s not something they forced me to take up. I just developed this love for it by watching my dad play and watching the games he coached. It’s something I really love and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.


Boxers and pants by BENCH

Well, congratulations on graduating this year. What have you been busy with now that school’s over?

Yeah! Thank you! Can’t believe I’m in the real world now. [Laughs] I just started working, actually. I work for URC. I’m a brand assistant for Piattos and Roller Coaster. By the way, I heard Piattos is really good, you should try it. [Laughs]

We found out you’re a One Direction fan. Would you ever consider being the next Zayn?

Yup, proud to say I’m a directioner [Laughs]. I’m actually more of a Harry guy, though. But yeah, I think I can hit the high notes like Zayn.


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