BENCH MEETS: Samantha Humphries

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T-shirt by Kashieca  I  Skirt by HerBench.
Photography by Shaira Luna I Hair & Makeup by Mollie del Rosario  I  Special thanks to Nikko Orlondo of CAV

Walking onto the set of our photo shoot, Sam Humphries wore a gauzy cream dress and beat-up boots, laces untied. It’s as if the 18-year-old had hitchhiked from the woods—or from nowhere, really. With her wild hair and elven features, the model (and little sis to actress Carla Humphries) has landed photo shoots spanning Preview Girl to the cover of Young Star’s 17th anniversary issue. Sitting down with her, B/BLOG also discovered a girl with thoughts as unique as her look.

While wearing dresses perfect for easy days under the sun, Sam talked to B/BLOG about singing in French, avoiding regret, and why she’s bad at not being herself. This is one girl we could spend the rest of the summer talking to.

B/BLOG: What have you been up to lately?

Sam Humphries: Modeling and school. I’m homeschooled because I do better by myself. I get easily distracted and shit.

How does that work? 

I’m getting a tutor now but I self-taught myself for the first year. They give you the books and then you Skype with the teacher for the test. Basically, I have a year left and then I want to go to La Salle. I don’t know, though, we’ll see what modeling does for me. I’m not stupid about it, I know that it doesn’t last forever and schooling is very important, but with my youth now and the life capacity of a model’s career, I’d just do home schooling for college, as well, so I could travel. When I’m old, I don’t want to look back and be like, ‘Oh, I could have been bigger, I could have done more, I could have seen more of the world.’

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T-shirt by Kashieca  I  Skirt by HerBench  I  Sandals by Aldo

And your parents are cool with that? 

My parents are very supportive. I guess it’s ‘cause my brother left college very young but now, he’s the youngest producer in the Philippines. My sister, even though she started acting at 13, still pursues knowledge. And then my brother who’s a baseball player, he played internationally for the Philippine team. My dad’s only thing is that we should be able to hold our own and support ourselves. And if ever I want to do anything in fashion, I’ve already got connections…I love the fashion industry. The people are misfits, but it fits.

Would you consider doing what your sister Carla does?  

Acting? I’ve been asked this since I was so young and honestly, no I would not (laughs). I actually get awkward when people look at me. I don’t take photos unless I’m modeling. And to act and then to walk around and keep a certain image—it’s too much pleasing people. I’m bad at acting because I’m bad at not being myself.

I heard you sing beautifully—and in French, at that! 

I sing in English mostly because I lost most of my French, but when I visit my grandmother in Nice, I try really hard to learn the language again because it’s so beautiful. Apparently if French people grew up in the States, when they think in French, they think differently—more analytically. That interests me. How a language makes you think differently.

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Dress by HerBench   I  Sandals by Aldo

Do you also write songs? 

Poetry was one of my favorite classes at school. If you think about it, words are a very beautiful thing, like thoughts turned into vibration. I love to sing but I’m not confident in it yet. I guess it’s the pessimist in me. The life of a musician interests me, too. I guess I’m bound to be a feast-or-starve kind of person.

Everyone has to starve at the beginning, anyway…

Exactly. I’m actually excited about it. It’s really dumb but at school, when they asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I said hobo. They go where they want to go, and they sit there and see the things that business people running to their jobs miss. Although I’m not saying the poverty part—that sucks! I’m saying some days, it’s nice to sit and appreciate what’s going on.

Yeah, how lovely would it be to spend a day just eating ice cream?

I’d eat fucking cheeseburgers every day! That’s my only problem with modeling—the fact that we need to starve ourselves. I read this book called Uglies, where in the future, no one is jealous of other people’s looks. Everyone past the age of 13 is made to look pretty. And when everyone is pretty, I feel like it could be the same if everyone is ugly. If everyone’s pretty or everyone’s ugly, we finally see what’s there.

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