BENCH/Beats: SUMMER – Music Video & Playlist

Words by Margarita Buenaventura

Summer makes everything hot and sticky. With more sun and skin, it’s the sexiest time of the year. Inspired by all the beach boys and babes marching to the beach this season, B/BLOG assembled a “SUMMER” soundtrack on our official Spotify station, accompanied by a sweet little music video you can watch on B/TV. Treat this playlist and video like an ice-cold beer during summer: perfect for any time of the day. Whether you’re cannonballing into the pool or dancing in your underwear on a muggy rooftop, BENCH‘s first Spotify playlist has got every sound of summer covered.

The Cool Kids of Summer - A BENCH Meets Special
B/BIYAHE: Baler, Aurora with Surfista's Elaine Abonal