Bench/Beats: Sunkissed

Words by Cedric S. Reyes
Photography by Ralph Mendoza
Styled by MJ Benitez

A seasoned tribute to some of our favorite artists of color.

The heat of summer is the perfect excuse to hide away. It can be a comforting period of seclusion, but also of discovery – new music abounds in the summer. Left within the confines of your home, tired after a manic day at work, music is the perfect way to clock out, or maybe even get your groove back.

Either way, the sounds of summer are never too far away. Sunlight and coconuts cracked open can seem like a fever dream when the daily grind doesn’t stop. With the right selection, the pleasures of being under the sun are only a few beats away.

Slide in and zone out with our late summer playlist, care of the artists that best evoke the bright, breezy gloss of summer. The transportive quality of these jams are delivered by some of our favorite artists of color, people that we think deserve a space in your headset. So whether you’re on the road to your favorite beach or wedged in your sofa, make room for melanin in your summer playlist.

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