#BenchBodyLanguage: Alec Saubier


Photography by Toff Tiozon
Grooming by Byron Velasquez
Produced by Vani Altomonte


As a Marketing student at DLSU, Alec Saubier knows how to effectively get a message across to a whole lot of people. The message is a positive one: the benefits of living healthy. The medium: his body, of course.

            Appearing on the student body-appraising Hotlist, Alec knows that more than becoming an object of desire (and a bunch of random social media follows and friend requests), other people’s goals can be a result of his #gains. “It’s a good way to influence people,” the 19-year-old says of the exposure from the Hotlist and #BenchBodyLanguage. “Especially because people see that I work out a lot and eat healthy.”

            On a particularly humid afternoon, BENCH BLOG strips down with Alec and talks about his plans beyond the next protein shake, and the importance of some motivational music.



Hey Alec! What was it like shooting for this series?

It was my first time doing something like this. After a while, I got comfortable, especially when the photographer instructed me and told me I was doing good.


Having a body to show off is half the battle. What do you do to maintain it?

I play basketball a lot and of course gym. I try to gym like four to five times a week. I used to work on my chest a lot ‘cause my chest is really small. Listening to music helps while working out. I listen to a lot of rap, a lot of Kendrick Lamar.



Apart from keeping fit, what are your goals after graduation?

I don’t really know but working with Nike or Adidas would be cool. Dealing with athletes would be fun, especially. And perhaps open other businesses—maybe a restaurant or bar.


You seem like a guy with a lot of focus. How do you like to have fun, though? Say, the ultimate vacation if money were no object?

I think I’d want to go to Europe—maybe Ibiza or Croatia, one of the beaches there. Plus I do like deep house. Or Iceland, Iceland, Iceland…it’s super nice there and it’s where they shoot Game of Thrones (laughs).


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