#BenchBodyLanguage: Juancho Palacios

Photography by Toff Tiozon
Grooming by Byron Velasquez
Produced by Vani Altomonte

With a computer-intensive career path, the only guarantee for physical fitness is a bunch of keyboard-toned fingers. Still, a Computer Application major like Juancho Palacios knows how to balance a software-heavy course out by going hard at the gym. Apart from his grasp of data and programming, the CSB student and campus Hotlister has a good grip on health and wellness, managing frequent trips to the weights room. With a moment to spare before clicking away at class or clocking in a lengthy lifting session, Juancho kicks back with BENCH BLOG to talk real comfort zones beyond a life lived virtually.


Computer Application seems pretty broad. What are you looking to do with your course?

To be honest, I actually really don’t know what my next step is after graduation. However, I just finished my internship with Microsoft, where I worked under marketing and data analytics. It was a big learning experience, I saw the day to day aspects of what it takes to work in the IT industry.


Obviously, your day to day involves a commitment to fitness, as well.

After a day at school, my first priority before anything else is to go to the gym or have some form of a workout. I think it’s an obligation to myself to stay fit. It’s a great way to have alone time after all the noise at school or hanging out with my friends.


And beyond your life plugged in to your computer, what would you consider a real comfort zone?

I do physical activities like going to the gym or playing football. It’s the perfect way to blow off steam after a long day. But my comfort zone would definitely be spending time with my family and friends, whether it’s hanging out in someone’s house, going out of town, or watching a movie with my mom. It’s the best way for me to relax and connect with my loved ones.



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