#BenchBodyLanguage: Kyle Perry


Photography by Jerick Sanchez
Styling by Lorenz Namalata
Grooming by Anton Patdu

Words by Margarita Buenaventura 

You’d be hard-pressed to resist a funny guy, one who’s not afraid to act a little silly in order to deliver a good joke. Model/actor Kyle Perry is no exception. As part of the cast of smash hit AlDub Kalyeserye, he gets to tickle our funny bones on the regular — whether through his dance moves or even just his charming TV presence.

This is definitely a guy who’s comfortable in his own skin, and we dare say that’s even more irresistible than humor. Taking some time off his holiday, BENCH BLOG sits down with Kyle to talk about acting “pabebe,” what keeps him up at night, and what he wears to feel free.



What’s been keeping you busy lately?

Well, lately I’ve been in Japan because my older brother just got married. I’m happy for them and I’m grateful to expand our family. It’s good to see old friends too. In the Philippines during my downtime, I enjoy spending time with close friends and practicing guitar or dancing. We sometimes stay up all night just jamming or letting loose. 



We heard you’re now part of Kalyeserye in Eat Bulaga. What’s it like to be part of the madness?

It’s so surreal just to be part of it. It also makes me happy to feel like I’ve made someone’s day just by a simple hello or by taking a picture with someone. I’m also a big fan of comedy; in fact, it’s my favorite genre. I’ve always wanted to play a role in comedy, so this is like a dream come true.



Did it take any practice to act “pabebe“? 

Just a little bit. The only thing you need to practice is just try to be comfortable with yourself and be confident. Don’t be afraid to go crazy! It’s comedy after all!



As one of the Bernardos, you have to be in a sort of uniform. But what do you like wearing at your most comfortable?

Well, my ideal comfort depends on the temperature. When it’s cold, I love sweats and a hoodie. When it’s hot, cargo shorts and a sando. But any regular day, you’ll most likely find me in stretchy jeans and a cotton shirt. I love clothing that can stretch, makes me feel free.

You’re also part of the Bench Fix family. Could you share with us the secret to great hair?

NO!… It’s a secret… [Laughs] Joke lang. Don’t wash your hair with shampoo so much or you’ll risk losing the natural oils that keep your hair healthy. Once a day, maximum.


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