#BenchBodyLanguage: Lui Sunico


Photography by Toff Tiozon
Grooming by Byron Velasquez
Produced by Vani Altomonte


Poetry can be tricky to navigate, but college dude Lui Sunico isn’t one to back out of a challenge. In between classes and lazy days with his friends, the Early Childhood Education student from De La Salle University Manila enjoys penning down a poem or two. None of those cheesy rhyming ones for this guy, though. Stalk his Instagram and you’ll see a bit of cheeky humor nestled within such profound lines. Who can resist a dude who knows how to have fun while treading serious territory? On a casual day indoors, the third student body in DLSU’s Hotlist shares that to enjoy life, all you need is a little bit of skin and a whole lot of soul.


Sweater by BENCH

How has school been lately, Lui?

School has been an adventure ever since I stepped into the life of a collegiate Lasallian. I study  Early Childhood Education, looking out for youngsters’ development.

It sucks that summer’s over, but what do you love about going back to school?

Summer is over and it’s a bummer but going back to school means completing my education and having the chance interact with others who are in pursuit of knowledge.


If you could bail out of school, where would you rather be right now?

I would love to see my family in San Francisco.

We noticed you’re kind of into poetry, if the magnetic poem on Instagram and Auden reading on YouTube is any indication.

(Laughs) You caught me. I like poetry. It offers perspective and a chance to express yourself differently. Writing it allows you to scream out loud quietly.

Have you ever wooed a girl with a poem? And has it worked for you?

I had a girlfriend who shared the same interest. We would write to each other, even when she was right by my side. It was refreshing.




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