#BenchBodyLanguage: Paolo Abes


Photography by Toff Tiozon
Grooming by Byron Velasquez
Produced by Vani Altomonte

There’s nothing more admirable than discipline in a man, and Paolo Abes has got a lot of it in stock. Though studying Nutrition Dietetics keeps the DLSU student busy, that hasn’t stopped him from keeping up with his workout regimen to maintain an impressively sculpted bod, going as far as waking up early just to get a few workouts done before class.

If there’s anyone who can get us on a straight and narrow path to fitness, it’s the sight of this guy breaking a sweat, or simply walking his campus’s halls. The first in a series featuring DLSU’s student body-appraising Hotlist, the 20-year-old sets aside his dirty laundry to chat about cheating (on diets) and blending yourself the perfect protein shake.



Hey, Paolo. School must keep you pretty busy. How do you make time to work out?

No matter how busy I am with school, I make it a point to never miss a training session at the gym. I adjust accordingly to my schedule and make the most of the time I have, be it early morning or late night workouts.

What’s the secret to a good protein shake?

The secret to a good protein shake is simply that it fits the nutritional needs of your body. Protein shakes are probably the most popular product in the competitive supplement industry. Do your research and don’t just buy any random brand because you heard some guy talking about it. Understand your body first then supplement it with the right mix!

Do you believe in cheating on your diet?

I do indulge in cheat meals, or even days, when I want to. I believe that being able to let go of your diet for a meal or two is really beneficial. It’ll keep you sane after weeks and weeks of eating strict and it actually helps boost your metabolism a bit!

What’s a good song for workout motivation?

I am kind big on trance and EDM while working out. My two go-to songs when I need to psych myself into hitting the gym would probably be “Skyfire” by Shogun and “Resurrection,” the Axwell recut club version by Michael Calfan.


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