#BenchBodyLanguage: Property Consultant Paolo Amores


All underwear by BENCH Body
Photography by Bardo Wu
Grooming by Anacleta Paredes

It takes a good, sturdy man to know a good, sturdy building. As a Property Investment Consultant for Alveo Land, Paolo Amores represents his properties well. With a sculpted body and spruce appearance, Paolo inspires confidence in the condos he handles, especially with his absolute comfort in self. Before a day of showing clients the admirable qualities of some new condos, the 30-year-old shares his best assets while kicking back for #BenchBodyLanguage. “I’m single and loving it,” he says. A clear cue that this hot property is available for occupancy.

You promote new properties for a living but how do you like to get comfortable when you get home?

I usually finish work around four, go to gym, and get home at 10pm. Then I take off my pants, grab a bite, and watch a movie or whatever series I have on queue. Mostly I just want to sit around without pants on or wearing nothing at all.


Besides your devilish good looks, what are some unique ways you warm a client up to one of your properties?

It starts from the inquiry. I have to make sure that the clients are interested not in me but in getting a property. Then, if it’s a workable client, I’ll make sure that I’ll share all they need to know about the project. Actually, our projects are not that hard to sell, so I really don’t have a strategy to convince them. I’m just being myself and making sure I build a good relationship with them.

Is flirtation part of the job? I wouldn’t be surprised if new clients sought you out because of your enticing Instagram.

My Instagram account may be kind of sexy but when facing clients, of course, I try to be as professional as I can be. Although, I admit there are some clients who flirt in the middle of transactions, but I try to keep things proper, our working relationship above all.


We noticed you’re also a big fan of Mariah Carey. Quick—what’s a Mariah song that makes you feel sexy and at ease?

“Honey.” The sexy beat, the lyrics, the music, and especially the video, are all hot! For me, it’s her best, sexiest song ever. Like sweet, sweet honey to the ears. #Lambs4Life!

Not to say that Mariah Carey is a guilty pleasure but what are your guilty pleasures?

One of my guilty pleasures is chocolate. Although I’m not crazy obsessed with it because I still watch my diet. But chocolate—that stuff makes me happy.


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