#BenchBodyLanguage: Simon Guinto


Clothes by BENCH
Photography by Toff Tiozon
Grooming by Anacleta Paredes

Considering he was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, Simon Guinto’s effortless Tagalog is unbelievable. There have been times in the States, he says, when he would be thinking in his mom’s native tongue and unknowingly unleash it among American friends. “I stubbed my toe once and let out an ‘Aray!’ and no one knew what I just said,” he says, laughing.

            Like he has done with the language, Simon recently made himself comfortable in the motherland. Graduating with a degree in Theater last year, the 24-year-old came to Manila, bagging a Sky Cable Broadband ad and modeling jobs here and there. With four commercials coming up, the guy deserves a little break.

Being the Samaritans we are, BENCH BLOG asked him to get in bed with us.


Hey Simon, your Instagram shows an absolute love for the outdoors. Tell us how different it is in the Philippines compared to Jersey?

 I love hiking but I haven’t done it a lot here. I’ve gone to Mt. Taal, though, and a lot of coves like Anawangin in Zambales and there’s another one near Baler. I went to Boracay for a water sports shoot recently and that was really fun. We were on jet skis, swimming, snorkeling. It was awesome because we got on a Roro and so we saw a whole bunch of things in the ocean. No matter the 13-hour ordeal from bus, to boat, to bus.


Do you stay in at all?

I spend a lot of my leisurely time at home, actually. My friends and I also throw Taco Tuesdays at home—everyone comes over, makes food, has a beer.



What would you consider your ultimate comfort zone?

I feel most at home when I’m up moving. I exercise in an unconventional way—wakeboaridng, snowboarding, hiking. My body needs to move. I see myself in action movies. I just recently did an audition where I did some parkour—I did a backflip. My comfort zone is motion.



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