BENCH/MEETS: Sassa Jimenez & DJ Nix Damn P

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Photography by Shaira Luna I Hair & Makeup by Sari Campos

Fashion and music have always sounded stylishly good together. It’s no wonder designer Sassa Jimenez and Nix Pernia aka DJ Nix Damn P find criminally cool ways to express their love for each other. Since the two met almost four years ago, their coupling has been nothing short of creative.

Besides designing wedding gowns and dressing the likes of Megan Young and Georgina Wilson, Sassa started Wonderboy, a men’s line inspired by her boyfriend’s streetwear style. And if Nix isn’t gigging for DJ-drummer duo Motherbasss or spinning at clubs from Manila to Manhattan, he’s setting the beat models walk to at his girlfriend’s shows.

B/BLOG gets cozy with the couple-collaborators, who kiss and tell about first impressions, shared passions, and love at first mixtape.

B/BLOG: How did you two meet?

Sassa: My friend brought an uninvited guest to my house and that uninvited guest was Nix. He was really quiet and maangas. Hindi naman siya invited!

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On Sassa: Jacket & top by HerBench I On Nix: Crewneck tee & long-sleeve shirt by Bench

Nix: (Laughs)

(To Sassa) So initially, you didn’t like him? 

S: I didn’t dislike him. But I wasn’t looking, so I wasn’t seeing.

(To Nix) Did you ask your friend about her afterwards?

N: Hindi, kinuha ko agad number niya (laughs).

S: Hindi number, BBM pin (laughs).

You’re both in different industries and good at what you do, but do you get interested in what the other is doing? 

N: Yun yung fun part sa relationship namin. Ako, sobrang natuto ako about fashion and nagpapaturo talaga ako: ‘Sass, paki-explain sa akin kung anong tela ‘to?’

S: You’ve always been interested naman in fashion and vice-versa. I’ve always been a music junkie so it just enhanced it a lot more.

N: Lagi kong inuulit sa kanya: ‘Buti nalang maganda taste mo sa music.’ Mas-well-versed nga siya sa rock. I’m hip-hop, house, underground reggae. Nagpapaturo ako sa kanyang Red Hot Chili Peppers—‘Ano bang album na ‘to?

S: I’ve just started collecting records, which is something I got from him. Now we work together more than ever.

N: Minsan, may timeout nga kami eh: ‘Okay, timeout, we’re talking about work all the time.’ ‘Cause sobrang nag-g-geek out kami when it comes to music and fashion.

S: He’s done music for three of my shows. For one show, we weren’t even in the same place. He was in the States and I was here. And then he surprised me at the show.

N: Nandun ako front row. Diretsko ako from airport to the show and hindi niya alam na andun ako. Yung paalam ko nasa San Francisco ako.

S: San Diego.

N: San Diego. Naka-sarado phone ko para ‘di mo ako matawagan. Then nag-BBM kami, hindi niya alam na andito na ako.


On Sassa: Jacket & top by Herbench I On Nix: Long-sleeve shirt, crewneck tee, and jeans by Bench

When Nix is away, do you have something to remind you of him? 

S: I do sleep in his shirts a lot. I have a little figurine of a chicken that has his face on it. It’s a little weird. And your favorite pillow. So when he’s not there, I get to use the pillow.

Do you two have a song for each other?

S: What would be your song for me?

N: (Confidently) The Gap Band, “Outstanding.” Alam niya kasing favorite na favorite ko yun.

What about a special mixtape?  

S: Actually, on our first date, bringing me home, he reaches in the back of the car and pulls out a mixtape and gives it to me. He was like, ‘Here, it’s one of my mixtapes. It’s new, you should listen to it.’ So parang ako, I’m thinking, ‘This douchebag. Ang yabang naman nito.’ I still have the mixtape. It’s actually pretty good. It’s the first he made. I think that’s why he was really cocky about giving it away.

N: It’s a Motown-Funk-Soul mix full of hip-hop samples.

S: Which is lucky because that’s one of my favorite genres talaga to listen to. Buti nalang. The first line in the mixtape is “I love you.”


Want to hear DJ Nix Damn P’s mixtape for Sassa? Download the “Nixtape” at or here!

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On Sassa: Top by Herbench I On Nix: Crewneck tee, long-sleeve shirt, and jeans by Bench/

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On Sassa: Top & jacket by Herbench I On Nix: Crewneck tee, long-sleeve shirt, and jeans by Bench/

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