The best style steals from Baby Driver

Art by Mags Ocampo
Words by Cedric S. Reyes

Fashion cues worth borrowing from the fastest film to hit the screens.

Edgar Wright’s 2017 film Baby Driver is the latest action-comedy to arrive at theaters nationwide, and it’s gaining traction fast. The movie follows the character of Ansel Elgort, who becomes entangled in a theft operation after making a few poor choices. This elementary plot is staged in Wright’s hyper-stylized universe, where a head full of music is as good as cash.

Christopher Orr at the Atlantic called it “the cinematic highlight of the summer,” citing its excellent pace and intelligent writing. Part of its filmmaking achievement is Baby Driver’s distinct style language: the nondescript, rough and tumble dress of criminals. It’s a look that mumbles cool instead of screaming it. After all, attention is the last thing these characters need.

A few Bench accessories to pair with your Baby Driver inspired ensemble.

To steal this style (without serving time in prison), it only takes a few key accessories. Sunglasses in a retro silhouette are an obvious necessity, and so is a timepiece that keeps the detailing minimal. Throw on some shoes and a belt in black leather for bonus thug points. Bear in mind that committing actual crime makes you lose any and all of said thug points. Make good choices.


A selection of truly excellent rock and roll is what makes Baby Driver so great, and it’s the last thing you need to complete your casual cool ensemble. Here’s a quick playlist of the nitro-fueled Baby Driver’s OST to get you started.

In the bag: your everyday commute kit