BENCH/ Fashion Week Day 2: American Eagle, HUMAN, PR()BLEM, Randolf, and Jaggy





The runway was turned into a summer pool party with the unveiling of the Spring-Summer Collection of American Eagle. Models hit the runway dancing around and carrying large inflatables. The collection was perfect for summer with the designs being light and breezy, such as the pink striped off-shoulder jumpsuit, and pastel pink romper. What added to the collection looking fresh is its choice of colour scheme being pink and blue – mostly in pastel shades. The male apparel for this collection focused on short-sleeved polos, styled in such a way that it was left open  – perfect as a cover-up when hitting the beach or chilling by the pool.





What followed an upbeat runway by American Eagle was a cool and collected Spring-Summer collection by HUMAN. The looks of the models were like punk kids in American High School flicks; this was most especially seen with the unkempt and edgy styling of jackets being buttoned the wrong way. The collection also showcased a daring mix and match outfit of a black dress with lace endings, dark green striped pants, and a white denim jacket. There were also two repeating designs that sum up HUMAN as a brand. The playfulness of the brand was seen in the enamel pins being placed on jackets and tops. The second design showed how stylish and trendy the brand is with its pants with stripes running on the side.


BENCH/ Design Awards Winners


The works of Jenni Contreras have always turned heads and made people whisper to one another because of the vulgar images on her outfits. The very first outfit that came out was already powerful and gripping with the model carrying a samurai sword, and the red paint on the outfit was akin to blood splatter. What was controversial of her collection and was repeated throughout several pieces were the pinned anime erotica images, mostly of women. The entire collection of PR()BLEM looked like it came out of a dystopian cyber-punk world.




Before the collection was shown, a part of Winona Ryder’s interview was played in the background where she said, “I was in the middle of doing a reading for her and she stopped me, and she said ‘you are not pretty enough to be an actress. You have to find something else that you want to do.’”

Randolf’s collection can be encapsulated by those lines, and as seen on some pieces of his works it was written “heresy.” The clothing presented were unorthodox and wild especially with the daring cuts. Heresy was literally seen on a tank top that had hands in a praying position with a crown of thorns around it. The same image was printed on a blue jacket, and the word heresy was written on the shirt underneath it. Following the theme of unorthodoxy, Randolf used a pop art image of Lindsay Lohan as a top. Lohan is an actress who many believe to be strange and wild especially when she was growing up, and now with people pointing out how different she has become particularly with the sudden change in accent. Another bizarre piece was a denim hat that was designed in such a way it looked like a crown. Randolf’s collection was all about going against the normal and embracing the unconventional, and that was apparent in his use of symbolism and statements, and the way he designed his clothes.




The entire collection of Jaggy was hypnotic. As chilling music played in the background, models moved slowly across the runway as if in a trance. The use of a black and white colour scheme is a key feature in the collection as it served as contrasts. The white outfits matched with flowy garments had an angelic feel, while black outfits were more strong and fierce.  Despite Jaggy’s clothing being a wild mix of patterns and styles going from large ruffles to checkered prints and polkadots, his use of either black or white made it seem uniformed and clean.


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