B/SEEN: #BenchMovieContest Winner Krib Baltazar


T-shirt & jeans by BENCH
Photography by Ina Jacobe

If you aren’t still living life with flavor months after summer, you’ve missed the point of BENCH’s recent slogan. One guy we aren’t worried about in the carpe diem department is Krib Baltazar.

The Aeronautical Engineering student gave @benchtm followers major FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with his entry to our end-of-summer movie contest. Demonstrating how he lives life with flavor, Krib captured his energetic gang running around with a selfie stick set low and high, as if riding a rollercoaster.

To date, the clip has gotten 1,000+ likes on our Instagram account—plus a little more camera time for Krib through this special B/SEEN. On one Saturday morning at the Salcedo Market—and in true flavor-seeking fashion—the 19-year-old enjoys an ice cream with the B/BLOG.


T-shirt by BENCH

Hi, Krib! Congrats on your winning entry. Your style looks pretty flavorful today, by the way. What’s your fashion philosophy? 

When it comes to my personal style, I think I’m versatile. One day dapper, the next day sporty or laid-back. Dope sneakers are the way to a girl’s heart (laughs). Just kidding! My fashion forward leaders are James Dean, Marcel Floruss, and Adam Gallagher.

Can you tell us about the video you made for the Bench Movie Contest?

The video really wasn’t planned for the contest. I made the video weeks before the contest. In hopes of getting the chance to win it, I used the hashtags mentioned in the mechanics. I think the video I made had huge relevance to the contest because all we did was have fun even with the simplest thing: running.

And how are you living life with flavor now that summer’s over? 

I live life with flavor by simply eating my favorite dishes (laughs). Did I just take that too literally? But seriously, I love to eat. 


T-shirt & jeans by BENCH



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