B/SEEN: DLSU Lecturer Jake Ruiz


Shirt by BENCH
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It isn’t often students get schooled on style by one of their college lecturers. DLSU teacher Jake Ruiz, however, serves up some lessons in looking put-together, besides filling young minds with knowledge on desktop publishing.

B/BLOG met the 27 year-old at Café de Seoul, a stone’s throw from campus, as he showed off classroom-appropriate getup that’s a class apart from the rest of the faculty. What we learned from sir: his fashion philosophy and which part of his outfit always makes the grade.


Shirt & jeans by BENCH

Hi, Jake! What exactly do you teach at La Salle?  

I teach desktop publishing, which is something related to what I do as a freelance graphic designer. I basically teach communication students how to layout and overall design workflow, from planning to execution, to even mock client sessions like how to deal with clients and things like that.

Any design projects you’ve done that you’re really proud of?

Competing in a Philippine-wide art contest for Toyota. There were 15 or 20 finalists from around the country. Back then I was 21, about to graduate. For me, it was really a big deal going against pros at the time.

Tell us about your look. You certainly don’t remind us of our teachers way back when.

I don’t have a uniform but all my getups have an element of street—t-shirts, joggers, runners, to a combination of menswear. I sometimes go with a menswear top like a chambray button-down. In this case, a short-sleeved plaid shirt paired with jeans. But the twist I give to add a little street is the shoes—Air Jordan 1s, which are classics. I’m really a shoe aficionado. It’s the one piece of clothing that matters and that needs to stand out.


Shirt by BENCH

Does this outfit make you more relatable to your students?

I’m not that far apart age-wise from them. In my lesson plans, I try to infuse pop culture references. Even in my exercises: “Do a magazine project on your favorite celebrity.” It’s something I do to relate to my students aside from what I wear. I want to be approachable.

So do you stick out like a sore thumb in the faculty lounge?  

(Laughs) My look is unique, definitely. Aside from being one of the younger lecturers, the others dress corporate like polo barongs or polo shirts, leather shoes. I think I’m the only professor who tries to never wear the same outfit twice.


Shirt & jeans by BENCH



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