Clothing by HerBench
Photography by Arabella Paner
Produced by Ina Jacobe
Shot on location at Restock

Words by Isabel Aguas

Manila has upped their third wave coffee game and Guijo Street is no stranger in the race. Add to the mix some art and furniture and you’ve got Restock, a Makati-based concept cafe that houses the bustling city’s breathing space.

A place like this needs a certain character to run it and no one else does it better than Gia Palamos, the pixie cut-sporting multitasker who can serve a mean brew. B/BLOG sits for a cuppa with Restock’s marketing slash barista chick to talk about easy day-to-night style and a coffee trick that blows her mind.

Hey Gia! How are things going?
I’m okay, I’m good. We just recently placed the new bar. (points) And we’re going to have an opening soon so we’re very busy.Cool. So how did you land this marketing slash barista job at Restock?

I used to work in a publishing house and we dropped by here one time and I told my friend “Oh wow, this is a cool place to work” [because] you’re going to be so inspired. And I found out they had an opening, so I decided to give it a shot. At first it was supposed to be just a marketing job but they had coffee [too] so why not diba? We had to open earlier so I had to learn how to make coffee which is good because I really wanted to.

And you look great while you’re at it. What’s your style like?

My style is very simple. Just jeans, a shirt and sneakers. All the time. It never changes.


Do you have any typical dress-up and dress-down day outfits?

I don’t like wearing dresses so I use trousers so it’s [still] close to mom jeans. So it’s trousers, fancy sandals and a nice blouse. Same padin, it just looks more put together. For dress down, my usuals. Sometimes highwaisted shorts nalang.


What’s your favorite drink to make for your customers?

I really like making cold brew. Cause we usually have yung nasa bottle already but I like how when you make cold brew, you put the ice first before anything else. And then you put the hot water. Pag bagsak niya, it’s cold already. It’s like “Whaaat”?! (mindblown)

What can you say about the third wave coffee community that’s brewing up here?

Right now the community in the Philippines who have specialty coffee, it’s really tiny pa. But they all know each other, which is a good thing. We help each other out and I’m so happy that a lot of people are interested to know more about specialty coffee and how to drink it and how it [really] tastes like.

What’s the usual scene here at Restock during the day versus during the night?

During the day, we usually get customers who work nearby. Puro coffee break sila. At night, it’s the most different. We have #TitasofManila, [sometimes even] surfers and musicians.


Picture this scenario: It’s my first time at Restock. What do you recommend?

You should get one hot brew and the blueberry cheesecake. Plus a cookie!

Two pastries?

Always. (laughs)

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