B/SEEN: Mauro Lumba


Tank top by BENCH
Photography by Samantha Ang
Shot on location at Rockwell The Grove


With the sun showing off its rays more often, B/BLOG has spotted some equally hot personalities out and about. Kind enough not to keep his body indoors is Mauro Lumba, winner of last year’s Century Superbods competition.

Besides appropriate sun exposure, Mauro’s been exposed more to the spotlight these days as an actor for ABS-CBN. B/BLOG caught up with the Century stud on the way to the gym (he tries to go every day) and talked acting projects in the pipeline and summer drinks on the rocks.


Hey, Mauro! Since Superbods, you’ve gotten into acting. What sorts of roles have you been playing lately?

My first semi-regular role was just as a friend but the next one is gonna be much better. The role is a henchman—may killing scene, mga ganun. We’re the bad guys, there are three of us. Not the usual day for me.

What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered, diving into acting?

At first, medyo nahirapan ako sa cameras, kinakabahan pa ako. I’m still getting my confidence. I’m getting there.

But you must be used to the spotlight because you’ve done pageants in the past.

Way back, I started sa UST, which takes pageants really seriously. My classmates just pushed me, “Go, do this.” After that, I never stopped. I also started work with a modeling agency. I’ve been blessed naman with work since.

Is modeling a means to something else?

Actually, I’ve been thinking about that a lot but for now, I’m just enjoying what I have in modeling and acting. My goal is really to have a business, maybe in food, clothing, or whatever.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve had to do as a model?

I think the craziest one was Century Tuna. That was really memorable—the hardest thing for me to do. I never really had to diet before and hindi ako nag-seryoso sa workouts. But in the end, it was rewarding.

After that, have you been even more serious about improving your body?

It’s my lifestyle na. Before Century, I was already going to the gym. When it came to the competition, I was strict with everything. Now, I’m a little laidback pero I really take care of my body na.

Any cheat days?

Cheat meals. I like to go for desserts—strawberry ice cream, chocolates.

Do you have any rules for summer—to really get the best out of it?

Wear something that fits your personality and complements your figure. For me, it would be shorts like this. I have short legs so having shorts above the knee makes me look slimmer and taller. Number two, you need to have a good pair of shades talaga. Lastly, the most important thing is to go all out. Enjoy lang. Summer’s only once a year.

And what’s your summer drink of choice?

It’s actually on the rocks—Jack Daniels or Johnnie Walker. And the sunset is important—solid, diba?

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