B/SEEN: YStyle Fashion Editor Carla Villanueva


Bra and jeans by HerBench I Jacket by BENCH
Photography by Edric Chen
Makeup by Anacleta Paredes

Effective style communicates the personality of its wearer, something that Carla Villanueva certainly has no shortage of. YStyle’s fashion editor isn’t hesitant to let out the first cheeky remark in a room—a boldness often matched by her crazy-sexy-cool outfits and signature oversize spectacles.

While shooting documentary photographer Hannah Reyes for “BENCH MEETS” recently, B/BLOG caught up with the 26-year-old stylist, who talked about her current hustle and putting a little BENCH Body daring into what you’re wearing.

Hey, Carla! What have you been up to lately?  

Besides doing shoots for YStyle, I’m basically a right-hand for Ronnie & Joe, an optical boutique. I do a lot of random stuff for them: marketing, PR, store sales, handling staff, window displays. I even bought a carpet and vacuum for the store yesterday. Mike [Concepcion, the owner] came up to me with the idea for the store four years ago and came back to me when the plan was in motion. He said, ‘You wear glasses, you know what fashion is…’ It’s more a boutique than an optical store.

What were you doing before all this?

I was a freelance stylist doing advertorials, commercials, magazines, newspapers, and production design. I’m a philosophy and literature major from Ateneo. Prior, I got into law school but realized it wasn’t my thing.


Bra by HerBench I Jacket by BENCH

Can you tell us about the outfit you’re wearing? 

Bench is really well known for its jeans and its basics. I really like Bench Body so I started with a cropped top—a bra, basically—and thought it was cute enough to wear out. I would totally go out in a cropped top but it seemed a little scant. The blazer was an after-thought. Their men’s blazers run in small sizes and are nice and affordable, as well.

What do you plan to do for the rest of the summer?

I’m really looking forward to helping YStyle grow. And then we’re putting up a new store for Ronnie and we’re really looking forward to that. I’m looking forward to the hustle—work, work, work, and twerk. My whole motto in life is work hard, play hard, and sleep when I’m dead.

You also shot Markki Stroem recently for an upcoming feature on B/BLOG! Can you tell us about that?

The boy has some crazy abs. I’m really looking forward to seeing those photos because Ralph [Mendoza, the photographer] is a genius and he brought out a side of Markki people haven’t seen before!


Bra and jeans by HerBench I Jacket by BENCH I Shoes by ALDO


Bra and jeans by HerBench I Jacket by BENCH 

Bra and jeans by HerBench I  Jacket by BENCH

Bra and jeans by HerBench I Jacket by BENCH


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