B/TV: “6200: Mission Possible” – Compassion Over Clothing

In making quality clothing accessible to the Filipino people, BENCH knows how important it is to provide a person’s basic needs. Since Yolanda struck last year, devastated areas such as Ormoc City have sought aid more lasting than just food, drink, and shelter. Fishermen who lost their boats during the typhoon have lost the means to provide those needs to their families.

Heeding the call of compassion over clothing, BENCH teamed up with Leytre-representing Benchsetter Lucy Torres-Gomez and the K.I.D.S. Foundation to give these fishermen their livelihoods back. “6200: Mission Possible” is the result of these efforts, where the leading brand and the lady leader are keeping hopes and dreams afloat through the provision of 6,200 fishing boats.

To learn more about the project, click play above or visit www.rebuildormoc.com.


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