B/TV: Bench Body Whitening Lotion with Nanobright Technology

Bench Body’s illuminating new product required some refreshing new faces to front it. It didn’t have to look too far. On Friday, the brand launched Bench Body Whitening Lotion with three strong women who inherited their parent’s seductively good looks: Dominique Cojuangco (daughter of Gretchen Barretto), Sam Rodriguez (daughter of Miguel Rodriguez), and Addie Manzano (daughter of Edu Manzano). The future is bright for these ambassadors, led by the unique glow they give off through their use of the product.

Using tiny particles, Bench Body Whitening Lotion creates a big difference in lightening skin and making it look more radiant. Use among three variants packed with the quickly penetrating nanobright technology and in seven days, sexy white skin can be achieved.

Play the TVC on B/TV and see why there’s no reason you can’t lighten up this summer.

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  • ebm23

    Addie Manzano though……. @-)

  • abie

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