B/TV: BENCH/ Holiday 2015 – Behind the Scenes

The sparkle of Christmas won’t be coming from lights and tinsel strewn about this year. There’s enough star power in BENCH’s Holiday 2015 video to light up all of EDSA and cast a warm glow of Christmas kilig. With the season’s style goal to “find your match,” your favorite Pinoy brand inspires with several of its own eye-catching matches: Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia in denim & denim; Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati in black & white; and Billy Crawford and new Benchsetter Coleen Garcia exhibiting a little t-shirt mathematics with “You + Me =” on his shirt, and “Meant to Be” on hers.

To cap the cute couplings off, KathNiel put Christmas in our hearts with cozy clothes and real connection (even when not in the same photo frame). They’re a reminder that even when style isn’t complementary, it’s love that makes a good match! Season’s smooching to you all!

#BenchBodyLanguage: Simon Guinto