B/TV: Ellen Adarna “Get This Body” – Jumprope, Plyometrics, & Kickboxing

Redefining killer body, Ellen Adarna is the sort of pinup who can pin you against a wall and have you screaming for mercy. At least that’s what the newest Benchsetter makes us believe in these fierce new workout videos, just launched on B/TV.

Suited in BENCH BODY and some of the brand’s more athletic pieces, Adarna sweats and scowls (but sexily) while demonstrating how you get a hot bod like hers. In the video “Jumprope,” a cropped tank hangs just below her breasts, her chest bobbing joyfully to her complex maneuvers with a rope. A “Plyometrics” video has Adarna looking like a Mortal Kombat goddess in semi-mesh purple underwear. And in “Kickboxing,” you kind of wish you were the punching bag she was getting feisty with.

With Ellen Adarna, sweat is guaranteed. And more of it to come as B/TV unveils the second set of “Get This Body” videos by the martial hottie.

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