B/TV: “Home Free” – Marriage Equality Now

Gay men go about their days the way many people do. They wake up, have breakfast, maybe slip in some social media time, and head off to work.

Just as the right to make a living should be due any human being, why isn’t the right to make a lifelong commitment to another person available to LGBT Filipinos?

Still, backward laws didn’t stop JV San Juan and Miko Aspiras from moving forward together. This year, the renowned pastry chef and flight attendant got engaged. And though Miko just opened restaurant Le Petit Souffle to join his cookie shop Scout’s Honor, he and JV are considering a move to wherever their love can be recognized in the future.

In this B/PROUD marriage equality special co-presented by gay Filipino men’s magazine TEAM, B/TV follows Miko & JV through a regular day, revealing an enduring love that’s sweet, real, and deserving of equal recognition.

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    Pure hogwash! Have you heard anything from Bench after the Pacquiao statement? NONE