B/TV: Lee Min-Ho for BENCH/ TVC 2014

By now, Lee Min-Ho’s extremist fan base knows everything about him, from his evolution in hairstyles charted by month to the milk tea variant he likes to drink. All you MINOZ also know what looks good on your K-idol, of course. In Min-Ho’s latest TVC for BENCH, a pair of hands reaches into the screen to dress him up every which way, just like how you know his fans would if they had the access.

What’s shown in this B/TV premiere is LMH looking preppy-sharp in a jacket and khakis, ready for night out in an ombré shirt and periwinkle pants, and looking absolutely adorable no matter what clothes are thrown on him. We dissuade people with respiratory problems from viewing this ad, though, lest they get a seizure from all the cuteness.



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  • Anna

    Ahh i can’t help it…. he’s so cute love you minho <3

  • Analyn Briones Ander


  • RR

    Oppa saranghae!!! Come back to Manila soon please! We miss you!

  • Rhaiey

    I’d like to purchase Lee min ho’s shirt on 0:12 can you please tell me how where can i buy it. thank you