B/TV: Mavy & Cassy Legaspi for BENCH Body Spray, Behind the Scenes

With their parents beaming double the star power, twins Mavy and Cassy Legaspi are a double threat in show business. Parents Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villarroel have proven that looks can pack an even harder punch with personality (as we’ve seen in the family’s TVCs together). In this exclusive behind-the-scenes video, the wonder twins’ effervescent personalities are apparent as they flash their dimples and ham it up for Bench Body spray.

Individual personalities are also on full display despite the duo’s twinhood. As you can spritz on your chosen attitude among Bench Body Spray’s variants, Mavy and Cassy can snap, crackle, pop, and kill with cuteness in their own right. They’re the ultimate mood uplift, really. Just like the refreshing spray you’ll need to keep in your backpack when school starts.

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  • shira

    wow….good looking kids….