B/TV: “Nice to Meet Me” – A Celebration of Singlehood

By now, you may have spotted BENCH’s “Love All Kinds of Love” campaign along EDSA. While the billboards elevate and equalize love in all its forms, we shouldn’t forget about the relationship that keeps us loving—the one you have with yourself.

Even without a date or mate this Valentine’s, one can be perfectly fine on their own. In fact, fine is an understatement as we see in the short film top model Chanel Thomas shot for B/TV.

In “Nice to Meet Me,” a newly single Chanel struts down city streets looking calm and confident. She enjoys the snug fit of her jeans and the sexy lift she gets from her red statement heels, not because they attract but because they make her feel attractive. Attention from a significant other was good, she muses, and so is the attention from the hot guy sitting at the bar. But “me” time where you treat yourself to personal goals—and the occasional cocktail alone—is just as important.

Keeping it more than together even when alone, Chanel is behind Model On a Budget, a blog that features model-approved affordable style, set to launch on March 1. Of course, as Chanel shows in this video, the most inexpensive way to look good is to love yourself first.

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