Popsugar last week discussed “why 1997 will eternally rule as an amazing year in music.” According to the article, “It’s hard to believe that we were bopping our heads 20 years ago to songs like ‘I’ll Be Missing You,’ ‘The Freshmen,’ and ‘Coco Jambo’ … It was a magical year for the music industry, […]


Easing out of a summer wardrobe can be tricky. You don’t want to let go of your Hawaiian shirt and drawstring cheesecloth pants. Survivor nerds are starting to call you Zeke. Alas, it has to be done. Here are the five key pieces to help you get there. Crisp white trousers. White pants say confidence, […]


A refreshing view of both sides of the story. Let’s see your best angle. Whether it’s a smirk ten degrees to the left or a straight-on smolder, we’ve all got a side of ourselves we like to show the world. It’s a look we’ve all mastered – shoulders arranged just so, chin tucked under. It’s […]

My Bloody Balikbayan – a B/BLOG Horror Story

Rumors always circulated around the Luneta Hotel. They said it was the place statesmen brought their mistresses. Between the Luneta Hotel and the grand Manila Hotel, the former always had the more interesting stories. Of course, a more interesting story was what he craved in life, which is why he decided to end his own […]

Bench Lookbook: “Let’s Make a Fire”

  There will be that one person who’ll lead you to a fork in the road, or take you on a path you never knew existed. In the dead of summer and in the heat of the moment, you found each other. Now, all you can think about is getting lost together. In BENCH BLOG’s […]

BENCH Lookbook: “Breaking & Entering”

  Youth’s recklessness racks up most of its damage where love is involved. Wild hormones and emotions can spur two people to trespass on property, stumble around in the dark, and commit a little crime – a metaphor for young love, if you think about it. For BENCH BLOG’s love month lookbook, we sought Arabella […]

BENCH Lookbook: “In the Clear”

  A new year always offers the privilege to start over. From ruins, we can build again. From dusk, we reach dawn. And from uncertain coordinates, a new path opens up. BENCH BLOG introduces its lookbook series. Each month, we feature the clothes of the season viewed through the eyes of promising new talent. At […]