“Firsts” – a Love Story in .GIFs

You remember those moments. They were just seconds but they changed everything—the first time you saw each other, the first words spoken, the first touch, the first kiss. With a whole month to celebrate those moments, BENCH BLOG visits French patisserie PAUL, the delicious setting for a couple’s many romantic firsts, portrayed by real-life twosome […]

You Only Live Once

Two decades later, Wes Craven’s Scream still echoes its influence in pop culture. Today, the popularity of the show Scream Queens is proof we haven’t tired of the Slasher genre’s most essential elements: hot hormonal teens, a knife-wielding mystery killer, and an audience yelling at a busty babe to get the F out of wherever she […]

KathNiel Coloring Book Costume Party!

Maybe Halloween should be renamed Independence Day II. Talk about a free pass to indulge whatever fantasy, or put on something fun or freaky. Anything goes, really. On the day where anyone can be whomever they want to be, Benchsetters far and wide have probably entertained the idea of being entertainment royalty in the form […]

YOUTH ISSUES – Meg & Young Star

Years after people have declared that “print is dead,” the magazine continue to thrive. Underground titles emerge everyday, while powerhouse publishing houses still sell thousands of copies each month. September is considered to be the New Year for magazines, with each one busting out bigger, thicker, and better issues. The Philippines is no exception to […]

Youth Issues – Candy & Garage

Magazines are very interesting things — not quite a novel, not quite a picture book either. What makes a good magazine great is its ability to sell both image and copy, telling you that Yes, those skinny jeans will make you look three inches taller. And here’s why. Years after people have declared that “print […]

In Good Company

  Sometimes the motivation to work doesn’t even come from a raise but from some elevated work wear. Dreary days at the office can do with a little style stimulation from a shirt cut sexier or a dark pair of jeans you can wear in the after-hours. Whether it’s the smart casual cool of a […]

Lazy Daze

It’s hard to move when the sun’s in your eyes. That’s all well and good—all we need is a slather of SPF and each other’s company, lying around and talking about everything and nothing at all. Going places costs too much and takes too much effort. But looking at you drying out on your beach […]

Cut the Cute

Words by Margarita Buenaventura Ask a short girl about this and she’ll roll her eyes: reaching for the top shelf, riding roller coasters, or getting constantly carded on a night out. Drawing the genetic short straw isn’t always easy. But two friends, Cre and Cara, don’t seem to give a damn about being vertically challenged. […]

Hot Topics: Khakis & Cargos, All-Purpose Summer Staples

The summer sun is encouragement enough to head out, be it through drives to the beach or quick cone runs at your neighborhood ice cream parlor. While shorts are a no-brainer, the versatility of cargos, khakis, and crisp white denims make them summer staples to reconsider. With its extra pockets, cargos are a go-to for […]