A Human Holiday Moment with Nikki Luna & Mikee Carrion

As frequently as Nikki Luna explores the Philippines for her Rappler travel show #SharePH, there’s definitely no keeping her from being home for the holidays. In a year that saw her work exhibited at Art Stage Singapore and a solo show at Silverlens, the acclaimed artist, activist, and HUMAN endorser has been due for a […]

My True Love Gave to Me

There’s an undeniable magic to Christmas morning. The feeling of warmth from Michael Bublé holiday covers, the excitement of opening presents, and the abundance of still-delicious noche buena leftovers—unmatched by anything else, really. Presenting a merry morning, B/BLOG shoots a couple spending an intimate Christmas day together in their new Rockwell Primaries apartment. In cozy sweaters and […]

The Cool Titas of Manila

Not too long ago, a Filipino woman existed simply to reel a man in and raise a child. What followed was mere maintenance: keep the house in order, the husband happy, and the help in line; keep in touch with the kids; keep the figure so as to continue keeping the husband happy. Where a […]

That Day with Dad

  Words by Marga Buenaventura Dads may not always know best. They’re the ones who let us eat too much ice cream, sneak in an extra hour of TV on a school night, or mess up our party clothes at the playground. Our dads may usually be in charge of play, but there are times […]

From AM to PM: The B/Blog Job Evaluation

Words by Marga Buenaventura The harder you wanna play, the harder you gotta work. We dress in our pressed chinos, we slip on our trusty sweaters, and prepare our baon to become the polished professionals our mothers have always dreamt of. To shed light on the highs and lows of being career folk, we snuck […]

Bench x SOMA Stores: A Local Label Launchpad

Words by Marga Buenaventura What does it take to make it in Philippine fashion today? Passion, determination, and distinct style, of course. What is for sure is that it’s not as easy as it seems. The young designers featured at the SOMA Stores in Makati’s Green Sun arts center are all too familiar with the […]

Saving Suave

With #Normcore at its height, guys these days may be taking it a little too easy when it comes to style. The lazy look might have worked for a minute but with sweatpants and slouchy tees as the go-to for whatever occasion, comfort has crossed over to carelessness. At this new low point in dressing […]

Wander Girls

The older we get, the more we forget. But the same can’t be said when we talk about our best gal pal: the one who’s seen the skeletons in our closet, knows that we are lying when we swear to never drink again, and tells us what they really think about our favorite denim booty […]

KathNiel Paperdoll Costume Party!

Beyond all its treats (cocktails over candy bars nowadays, come on), the fact that we experience them all in costume makes Halloween so great. But because we are trying to be mature, responsible folk, we don’t always get so freaky come the 31st. Staying home and feeling like superstars is just as satisfying. What better […]

ASSEMBLY: Write-Brained Supplies From TYPO

  As we draw closer to the end of the year, it’s a little harder to keep ourselves enthusiastic about school or work. While thoughts of the holidays are enough to knock us into a daze, inspiration can arise from the littlest things. To keep our attention on the tasks at hand, CottonOn’s novelty & […]